NSURP 2021 Presentations

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Applied & Environmental Microbiology-1

Speaker Title
Arely Herrera“Mitigating Changes in the Epithelial Gut Barrier During Menopause in Mice with Prebiotic Treatment”
Natalia Contreras“Computational Analysis of Human Microbiota During Parasite Infection”
James Rosas“Novel Estimated Max Growth Rates from the Deep Ocean”
Leandra Depina “Fusarium Oxysporum”
Lissangel Martinez“Analyzing Viral Detection Tools”
Leticia ZikpiRecorded
Kamau Richardson“Reanalysis of Fecal Microbiome Transplant Data”
Felipe Ferreira“Streptomyces and Novel Antibiotic Production”
Neptali Flores“A Viral Anaylsis of Terrestrial Cyanobacteria”
Joyce Njabi“Streptomyces”

Applied & Environmental Microbiology-2

Shayla Johnson“Howler Monkey Energy Balance in the Gut Microbiome”
Julissa Larios“The Microbiome of Eelgrass- What Lies Beneath?”
Jocelyn De Paz“The Influence of Riboflavin-Producing Bacteria on Women’s Health”
Andrea Cortes“Analyzing Host-Microbiome Interactions in Drosophila melanogaster with Lactobacillus planatarum through Genome Analysis”
Caylah Griffin“Intergenerational Transmission of Immunity through the Gut Microbiome”
Imani Appleton-Renfro“Elucidating host-microbiome interactions through genome sequencing analysis of Drosophila melanogaster gut bacteria”
Allison Walker“Nutrient enrichment modifies soil bacterial composition and plant productivity to disrupt wetland carbon storage”
Yoshua Cintron“Investigating Pseudomonas fluorescens ascommon species found in Maple Sap”
Ana Oyola“Analysis of  Dickeya Metabolic Fitness Determinants through TnSeq”
Anne Marie PulaaoRecording 

Applied & Environmental Microbiology-3

Deyvis Mejia Zmbrana“Asessing 4 Legionella Genes for Signatures of Host-Pathogen Conflict ​”
Hannah Huapaya“Evaluation of AMR Genes in Lung Cancer Patients Using Metagenomic Analysis”
Trinity Howell“Identifying Sources of Fecal and Sewage Contamination in the San Francisco Bay”
Mikayla Lopez“Are Pathogens In Permafrost Soil? “
Caitlyn Middleton“Siderophore production in the bacterium Penicillium raistrickii”
Kamryn Henderson“Using Python to visually replicate the virus-host interactions in aquatic organisms”
Murielle Tembunde“Does tobacco smoking and COVID-19 symptoms and impact decisions for receiving the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine?”
Madison Robinson“Diversity and Evolution of PAS domains in Streptomyces cyclic-di-GMP signaling”
Glorimar JaramilloRecording 

Clinical & Diagnostic Microbiology, Public Health Microbiology, and More

Christina Kant“The Isolation of Propionibacterium (renamed Cutibacterium) from the Human Skin Microbiome Linked to Acne”
Bryan Díaz Meléndez“Development of highly specific and sensitive biomarkers for diarrheal pathogens”
Morgan Bracket“The Future of SARS-CoV-2 & Wastewater Surveillance”
Jonathan Valentin“Divergent Mechanisms in Capsid Assembly and Decoration between Herpesvirus Subfamilies”
Vera Arenas“The Bacteria-lorette: Exploring the Relationships between Streptococcus Pneumoniae with Corynebacteria and Respiratory Syncytial Virus”
Darin Denton“Latency of Herpes Simplex Viruses”
Topanga Ronan“Predicting VOC Flux using Depth Trends and Expected Locations of Productions to Understand a Greater Soil Metabolomic State”
Emile Saad“Challenges, Opportunities and Potential Utilization of Resistin Mouse Model in Atherogenesis”
Kylah Loftin“Outcomes of a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) in Microbial Ecology and Molecular Evolution”
Anisa Seller“The Secret Life of tRNA Anticodons”
Omnia Soliman“Surveillance of Human Rhinovirus during the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Novel Next Generation Sequencing Methods’
Michael Jimenez Sandoval“Longitudinal Analysis of Metabolomic changes in Plasma, Saliva, and Urine in Chagas Disease”

Computational Microbiology and Immunology

Katie Castro“A study of the infectivity and persistence of Hafnia phages within cheese microbial communities”
Kiana Mitchell“How do immune cells respond differently to M.tuberculosis and M. avium infection”
Trinity Bolton“Differentiation of Cryptosporidium invasion from adherence and quantification after pharmacologic modulation of PKC-alpha”
Yanely Bolanos“A transcriptomic analysis of the cGAS/STING pathway in HPV infected cells”
Ariana Thakurdyal“Health risk assessment of global resistome”
Sita Sadia“Sensitivity of long read RNA sequencing expression analysis in cancer cell lines in relation to bioinformatic parameters”
Anna Marie Puaala“Analyzing Tumor Infiltrating T cell Developmental Trajectories in Single Cells”
Lucas Clement“Identifying Pathways Involved in Colon Inflammation Induced by Cancer Immunotherapy by scRNAseq Analysis”
Lizbeilyn Ozoria“Learning Differential Gene Expression in R”
Elizabeth Suvias“Variability in public RNA seq experiments”

Medical Microbiology

Kaylee Lino“Protein identification in cystic fibrosis lung microbiota”
Adriana Gutierrez Camacho“The functionality of a megaplasmid of the gut community symbionts and its spread across species, geographic locations, and time”
Christina Alexandre“Building a co-expression network for gene function prediction in Cryptococcus neoformans”
Carlos Koudouovoh“RNA-Seq analysis of a conserved DNA-binding protein in B. subtilis”
Zaria FergusonRecording
Alexis Ayuketah“Application of the Competitive Lottery-Based Theory to the Cystic Fibrosis Microbiome”
Lauryn Martin“Characterization of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cell Envelope Proteome”
Roslynn Soto“Identification of host interaction factors required for Neisseria colonization of AJ mice”
Emily Afriyie“A comprehensive bioinformatics analysis of Leptospira interrogans genes related to environmental sensing, signal transduction, and transcription regulation”
Chiamaka Okonkwo“Bioinformatic analysis of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae Ngo1049”
Daniela Solis“The Evolution of HIV restriction factors TRIM5 and TRIM34 in Primates”
Brayan RuizRecording

NSURP 2020 Projects & Presentations

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Last NameFirst NameMentee SchoolMentor Last NameMentor First NameMentor’s InstitutionProject Title
NSURP Award WinnersAlvaradoMichelleNew York UniversityMaKevinHarvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthAssociation of variants in mtrD with antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Appah-SampongAkuaHarvard CollegeNüssleinKlausUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstGenomic Analysis of Recently Isolated Microbe from the Amazon Rainforest Shows Evidence of New Methanotroph Species
ArenasVeraUniversity of California, Los AngelesClarkDr. Sarah E.University of Colorado Anschutz Medical CampusA Holistic Look At Antibiotic Resistance
ArquilevichBrianaCornell UniversityTsolisReneeUniversity of California, DavisWild Type Salmonella Outcompetes acrAB Mutants to a Greater Extent in Plasmodium-Infected Mice
BarracksKhallelaBarnard College of Columbia UniversityJarolimovaJanaMassachusetts General HospitalWhat is the prevalence of sexually transmitted infection (STIs) among women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa?
Bayro JablonskiNikolai EmmanuelUniversidad de GuadalajaraChastonJohnBrigham Young UniversityA Community Like No Otter: Exploring the composition of Lontra canadensis host-associated microbial communities.
BernalGuadalupeCalifornia State Polytechnic University, PomonaPeraltaArianeEast Carolina UniversityFlooding and plant effects on wetland soil microbial functional diversity
BusbyTaylorUniversity of California, DavisVanLeuvenJamesUniversity of IdahoHoneybee Phages
FloresNeptaliSan Jose State UniversityLeveauJohanUniversity of California, DavisA Study Of IAA Catabolizing Bacteria
InyamaFechiHarvard UniversityPeraltaArianeEast Carolina UniversityFlooding and plant effects on wetland soil microbial functional diversity
Martinez-MejiaCarlosNew York UniversityKisselsteinBreanneCornell UniversityHost-Microbe interactions: a case study of an obligate biotroph, Erysiphe necator, is influenced by its grape host types
Rodriguez-TorresIvanellisUniversity of Puerto Rico at CayeyPeraltaArianeEast Carolina UniversityFlooding and plant effects on wetland soil microbial functional diversity
SamplesKiaraUniversity of California, IrvineKimBrandonUniversity of AlabamaBrain endothelial cell transcriptome changes in response to meningeal pathogens – (non published)
WatkinsKimberlynneHampton UniversityCucinottaChristineFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterTranscription Factors That Affect Gene Repression in Early Quiescent Entry and Activation in Late Quiescent Exit in S. cerevisiae 
NSURP Honorable MentionAdjagbodjouEdediColumbia UniversityAthreyGiriTexas A&M UniversityPhotoperiods and Gut Bacteria
BillyJustinThe University of ArizonaMorrisonHuntlyUniversity of California, BerkeleyEvaluating DNA Induced Autophagy in Macrophages during a Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection
CastroKatieCalifornia State Polytechnic University, PomonaDuttonRachelUniversity of California, San DiegoBacteriophage Interactions In The Cheese Microbiome
ContejeanZariaMichigan State UniversityRossBenjaminDartmouthBacterial Genomes with mobile Integrative and Conjugative Elements (ICE)
CortesAndreaNew York UniversitySuterElizabethMolloy CollegeMeta-Analysis of the Pacific Oyster Hemolymph Microbiome In Response to Vibrio Infection and Temperature Stress
EdmundoClarissaUniversity of California, IrvinePierceTessaUniversity of California, DavisAnalysis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients – open & download to view
GoodhewIlianaCornell UniversityTiptonLauraChaminade University of HonoluluAn Ecological Comparison of Mycobiota in Oahu versus Hawaii Islands
Guerrero-CalderonMichaelNew York UniversityCoyneCarolynUniversity of PittsburghAssessment of Different Cytokines Found in Placental Villi and Fetal Membrane Between Mid-Gestation and Full-Term Stages of Pregnancy
HackettNadiaUniversity of Maryland, College ParkKimBrandonUniversity of AlabamaBacterial Transcriptome Changes in Response to Interaction With Brain Endothelial Cells – (non published)
HerreraJacquelineCalifornia State Polytechnic University, PomonaDe LeonMarinaUniversity of California, DavisIdentification of Violacein Genes by Comparative Analysis
HuapayaHannah University of California, Davis De LeonMarinaUniversity of California, DavisIdentification of Violacein Genes by Comparative Analysis
IñigoMaríaUniversity of Puerto Rico MayaguezNitabachMichaelYale School of MedicineDecision making in Drosophila melanogaster larvae
KidaneFevenTowson UniversityDill-McFarlandKimberlyUniversity of WashingtonGenetic determinants of immune cell function
LangaricaVanessaCalifornia State Polytechnic University, PomonaMattyMollySalk InstituteHoneymoon Phase in Type 1 Diabetes as an Intervention: A Review
Maldonado SerranoAriana M.University of Puerto Rico, Cayey CampusCaslakeLaurieLafayette CollageWhat is a Biofilm?
KassamaFrancis JacobBowdoin CollegeSorgJoeTexas A&M UniveristyDevelopment of a Genetic System for Clostridium scindens open & download to view
MedranoHectorNew York UniversityWrightAlonnaUniversity of California, DavisIonophore Usage Linked to Cross-Resistance in Enterococci
MurindaKudakwasheAlcorn State UniversityBeggsGraceDuke UniversityThe Role of QacR Repressor in Multidrug Resistance and Its Induction Method
OlanipekunTobiUniversity of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, NigeriaSantos JuniorCelioInstitute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence, Fudan University, Shanghai, ChinaAzuC: an unusual AMP
PereiraNicolasUniversity of MichiganDill-McFarlandKimUniversity of WashingtonAnti-IL5 Therapy Mediates Transcriptional Responses to HRV infection in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Asthmatic Donors
SanlatteCristianUniversity of Puerto Rico MayagüezHelmannTylerCornell University United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research ServiceTransposon Genetic Analysis of Pseudomonas syringae Redundant Efflux Transporters
UwaifoEseosaBrown UniversityCucinottaChristineFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterExamining Genes and Transcription Factors Following Exit From Quiescence
YonasNoahUniversity of Maryland College ParkBreitbartMyaUniversity of South FloridaAnalysis and Report of the Complete Genome Sequences of Vibrio Phage Aquatic Killer and Bdellovibrio Phage VAMPYR and WEREWLF
Amazing NSURP PresentationsAborisadeGabrielUniversity of Maryland, College ParkAhannachSarahUniversity of AntwerpWhen a commensal becomes a pathogen: the role of microbe-microbe interactions with GBS as a model organism
AcostaManuelUniversity of California, IrvineDhillonJaapnaUniversity of Missouri- ColumbiaMicrobiome Analysis of Almond Snacking Using Quantitative Insights into Microbial Ecology (QIIME2)
AfolabiFavourAlcorn State UniversityToddPeterUniversity of Michigan School of MedicineRoles of nucleotide repeats expansion in neurodegenerative disorders and RAN translation in neuronal toxicity.
AgbimChinazaHarvard CollegeDuncanMaraUniversity of MichiganDuncan Lab Summer 2020 Internship
AgyemangNanaUniversity of Maryland-College ParkMorrisonShataviaCenters for Disease Control and PreventionRetrospective Data Mining Analysis to Detect SARS-CoV-2 Sequences in a Metagenomics Sequencing Data Set
AlamTahsinCUNY Hunter CollegeKalanLindseyUniversity of Wisconsin- MadisonInhibition of Staphylococcus aureus by Bacterial skin Isolates
AlonsoPriscillaUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez CampusArnoldElizabethUniversity of ArizonaDefining the evolutionary origins and host shifts of reptile-infecting pathogens in the Eurotiomycetes (non published)
AlstonRobertNorth Carolina Central UniversityWhelanFionaUniversity of NottinghamCystic Fibrosis: A deeper look into the poly microbial environment of an infected lower respiratory tract
AndradeMaria JoseSwarthmore CollegeImperialeMichael J.University of MichiganThe Polyomavirus Episteme
ArmanusEmyUniversity of California IrvineChattopadhyaySuhanaUniversity of Maryland.Evaluating the Impact of Smoking Status on the Risk of COVID-19
BarreraWendyCalifornia State Polytechnic University of PomonaHamblinMeaganStandford UniversityNSURP Summer Research
BatresIsabelMoravian CollegeWuytsSanderEuropean Molecular Biology LaboratoryConstructing An E.coli ‘Encyclopedia’ Through Transcriptomics Experiments
BetnunJonathanUniversity of Maryland at College ParkEswaraPrahatheesUniversity of South FloridaIdentifying an inhibitor of the essential S. aureus cell division protein: GpsB
BoltonTrinityMorgan State UniversitySpeareLaurenUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillAnalyzing gene clusters required for the type VI secretion system killing in the marine bacterium Vibrio fischeri
BrackettMorganUniversity of Central FloridaPoleatewichAnissaUniversity of New HampshireAssessing the Phylogenetic Relationships of the TP53 Gene in Different Organisms
BranJavierCalifornia State Polytechnic University, PomonaKristMaxwellUniversity of Washington School of MedicineNSURP 2020
BruzzeseAdamNew York UniversityRakoff-NahoumSethDivisions of Infectious Diseases and Gastroenterology/Boston Children’s HospitalGenetic variability among the gut microbiome
BryanJordanCornell UniversityEttingerCassieUniversity of California, DavisAquarium Microbial Communities
BuelnaRaymundoUniversity of ArizonaDinshawKaylaUniversity of California, BerkeleyTuberculosis for Dummies
ButtsBritanieSan Jose State UniversityFontanaMaryUniversity of WashingtonAge-Associated B cells in mice exhibit characteristics that resemble human Atypical Memory B cells
CalderonStephanieAmherst CollegeRossBenjaminDartmouth CollegeInto the Gut Microbiome
CamaraDrissLafayette CollegeRouthAndrewUniversity of Texas Medical BranchTwo Approaches of Alphaviruses Genomic Sequencing
CarltonTylerBoston CollegeGuimarãesAnaUniversity of São PauloStudy of Mutations in the Genome of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex; Mycobacterium Capre
Chin CheongJonathanCornell UniversitySuriaAndreaUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillPhylogenetic Analysis of Hawaiian Bobtail Squid (Euprymna scolopes) Light Organ Symbionts
DadaLolaLafayette CollegeBurtonNickUniveristy of CambridgeVisualizing Adaptive Neuronal Connectivity in the Sensory Neurons of C.elegans in Response to Bacterial Pathogens
DaramolaOluwasegun IsaacUniversity of IbadanN/AN/AN/AThe Role of Staphylococcal Cassette Chromosome mec (SCCmec) in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
DenverDaynaCalifornia Polytechnic State University, PomonaLowe-PowerTiffanyUniversity of California, DavisIdentifying Type VI Secretion System Auxiliary Gene Clusters within the UA-1617 Strain of Ralstonia solanacearum
EberhardAlissaNortheastern State UniversityVisickKarenLoyola University ChicagoBioinformatics of Vibrio fischeri Domains Associated with Control of the Signaling Molecule c-di-GMP
EstradaRafaelCalifornia State University of NorthridgeVogelGregoryCornell UniversityAnnotating effectors in the Phytophthora capsici genome
GamboaAlanThe University of Texas at San AntonioVeachAllisonThe University of Texas at San AntonioExtreme Drought increases pathogen abundance in Poplar tree microbiomes
GabbyJenahTufts UniversityHelmsLouisaUniversity of WashingtonUsing viral vectors to deliver functional CTNS genes: Gene therapy
GeorgewillOnimiteinUniversity of Maryland, College ParkSimmons JrGlennUniversity of Minnesota DuluthThe Role of Lipid Metabolism in African American Prostate Cancer Patients
GomezJimmyUniversity of California Santa CruzSokolovNinaUniversity of California BerkeleyPrevalence of Self-Medication in Insects
GonzalezMariangelisSaint John Fisher CollegeFeeneyMorganUniversity of Strathclyde GlasgowMetal Resistance in Streptomyces
GuerreroAdlerNew York UniversityMurphyErinOhio StateIdentifying the Conservation and Comparisons Between the Ryf locus in the Shigella genus
HerreroGabrielaUniversity of Puerto Rico – MayagüezWhelanFionaUniversity of NottinghamMethods for identifying co-occurring microorganisms in patients with Cystic Fibrosis
HintonShawnAlabama Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityDillonJaapnaUniversity of Missouri ColumbiaSummer Research
HuggerJunnisUniversity of ArizonaCheveeVictoriaUniversity of california, BerkeleyMechanism for Listeria Monocytogenes dissemination
IbeabuchiBrianHarvard UniversityRakoff-NahoumSethHarvard Medical SchoolDeletion of a subset of Enteric Neurons Modulates the Structure of the Mouse Gut Microbiome
IbeabuchiTobennaUniversity of PennsylvaniaZhongGraceStanford UniveristyTrichoplax Adhaerens – (non published)
IbrahimVanessaHarvard UniversityAhannachSarahUniversity of AntwerpMicrobial fingerprinting of trace evidence in forensic research with a focus on sexual assault cases
JanaNayidUniversity of Puerto Rico at CayeyBrunYvesUniversite de MontrealGene Transfer Agent Presence in Diverse Orders of α-proteobacteria
JohnsonChelseaHampton UniversityJohnsonDonnaLeeds Beckett UniversityThe role of DAM (DNA adenine methylase) on the development of resistance to chloramphenicol in E.coli
JohnsonShaylaTexas State UniversityMananSharmaResearch Microbiologist Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Laboratory USDAJOHNSON_SHAYLA_MPN WATER
JonesTrumanHarvard CollegeShaneRoesemannUniversity of Wisconsin – MadisonThe Relationship between the Gut Microbiome, Atopic Dermatitis, and Food Allergies.
KarsheBederUniversity of Maryland College ParkSmithersEmilyRoberts Wesleyan CollegeThe search for antibiotic-producing soil microbes
KimuraKenzoNew York UniversityFahertyChristinaHarvard Medical School, Massachusetts General HospitalA Literature-Based Analysis of Shigella in the Gastrointestinal Tract
KindellJonathanCollege of CharlestonBierRavenStroud Institution/ University of GeorgiaThe Environmental Factors Surrounding the Abundance of Methanotrophs
KoudouovohCarlosUniversity of Maryland-College ParkBurtonNickUniversity of CambridgeIdentifying bacteria that produce or modify serotonin signaling pathways in C. elegans
KylliansEmmanuellaAlcorn State UniversitySamuelBuckBaylor College of MedicineThe Role of Vitamins in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
LaraCrystalUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez CampusKrampRachaelUniversity of PittsburghGyrodactylus turnbulli infection Alters Microbial Diversity on Poecilia reticulata Skin
LaraAlexanderUniversity of California DavisMorrissetteMadeleineNortheastern UniversityDrugs, Tools and Therapeutic Approaches that can be Transferred from Cancer to Target Bacterial Persister Cells
LeonLizbethUniversity of California DavisTiptonLauraChaminade University of HonoluluUnder Representation of Women in Psychobiotics
LepeAdanAmherst CollegePoldGraceUniversity of Mass. Aherst / California Polytechnic State UniversityClimate Change and Microbial Communities in the Arctic
LivermanAshlynUniversity of MarylandSwansonMicheleUniversity of MichiganAll About the Gut Microbiome
LoderKaitlynCornell UniversityNewtonIreneIndiana UniversityPresence of Enterococcus Bacteria on Garden Flowers
MarinCatherineDrew UniversityMartinJessicaNortheastern UniversityThe Effect of Various Sodium Chloride and Iron Concentrations on Cell Density and Siderophore Production in Halomonas cupida ATCC 35135 Cultures\
MartinLaurynAlcorn State UniversityPolletRebeccaDavidson CollegeAn Introduction to B.theta & The Sus Complex
Mba-MadubuikeIfeomaAlcorn State UniversityMarshallChrisMarquette UniversityMechanism of Urinary Tract Infections
McCollumCarenClemson UniversityGallagherKelleyUniversity of MontréalDiversity of Penicillin-Binding Proteins in β-Lactam Producing Streptomyces Species
MekaAnthony-JamesUniversity of Maryland, College ParkHornerStacyDuke UniversityAn Exploration of ISG associated RBPs
MezaMayraCalifornia State University NorthridgeSpencerBradyUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical CampusAnalysis of virulence factor expression levels of Streptococcus agalactiae
MithaniVirajCornell UniversityHershbergRuthTechnion – Israel Institute of TechnologyA comparison between the mutation accumulation dynamics in long-term stationary phase and classical evolution
MontenegroEvelynUniversity of California, DavisLiDannyUniversity of California, San FranciscoReview of neonatal gut microbiota and its association with childhood multi-sensitized atopy and T-cell differentiation
Muniz PerezAranisUniversity of Texas at San AntonioShilohMichaelUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterUsing Easi-CRISPR to Create Transgenic Mice with Cre-Expressing Microfold-Cells for Study of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
NaanaUgonnaUniversity at AlbanyKeogh & ZaphRebecca & RachelUniversity of OhioThe various small RNA in Staphylococcus aureus
Nieves GarciaCrystalYale UniversityPoleatewichAnissaUniversity of New HampshireEvolution of Disease Resistance Genes in Horticultural Crops
NwegoRuthAlcorn State UniversityLakdawalaSeemaUniversity of Pittsburgh School of MedicineThe role of RNA binding proteins found in bond to RAB11A during influenza virus infection
OkhuereigbeAndyUniversity of Maryland, College ParkVan LeuvenJamesUniversity of IdahoGenome sequencing of a widely-used E. coli strain used for bacteriophage growth
OkigboKamsiUniversity of MarylandHoldenVictoriaFull Circle MicrobesA study of the max concentration of Atrazine
OkogeriAmayaCornell UniversityMeehanConorUniversity of Bradford, UKTuberculosis in Low Income Countries
OlarindeOluwatomiwa JoyAlcorn State UniversityAnnavajhalaMediniColumbia UniversityUtilizing publicly available genomic data to better understand the evolutionary history of and antimicrobial resistance in Serratia marcescens. open & download to view
OmaneHabsoSmith CollegeErnakovichJessicaUniversity of New HampshireAnalysis of permafrost thaw studies
Ordoñez JiménezFernandaUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoCoelhoLuis PedroFudan UniversityOutput visualization for GMGC-mapper
OreaAndresCalifornia State University, BakersfieldPrakashManuStanford UniversityStudying Behavior in Lacrymaria olor (non published)
OscarEscobedoUniversity of California, DavisWeissmanJakeUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCalculating Growth Rates for Prevetolla using gRodon
Otero De JesusJanUniversity of Puerto Rico at BayamonNüssleinKlausUniversity of MassachusettsBin_36_1_1
OwoeyeBoluwatifeNew York UniversityZielsRyanUniversity of British ColumbiaTestimonial of a Reluctant Science Student
OyolaAnaCornell UniversityHallRebeccaThe University of NottinghamThe Spectrum of Secondary Symbiosis: A study on Sodalis
Padilla-RolónDarwingThe University of Puerto Rico at CayeyLauerAnaEnteric Diseases Laboratory Branch, Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC)Glutathione may play a Role Activating the Virulence Factor AvrA in Salmonella enterica
PenaLauraUniversity of Puerto Rico at MayagüezKauffmanAnne KathrynSchool of Dental Medicine, University at Buffalo, The State University of New YorkMain Categories of Internal Virion Proteins in Phages (non published)
PersaudStevenCornell UniversityMeredithLauraUniversity of ArizonaVolatility Representation in Microbial Metabolic Pathways
PiedraEnriqueTexas State UniversityMattyMollySalk InstituteBasics of the Connectome and its possible applications in research of Alzheimer’s Disease
PojimJoyCornell UniversityPrakashManuStanford UniversityGrowth and Size Control in Trichoplax Adhaerens (non published)
PriceJoyce NjabiUniversity of Massachusetts BostonFeeneyMorganUniversity of StrathclydeAnalysis of metal resistant Streptomyces
RalphAmethystCalifornia Polytechnic University of PomonaEmersonJoanneUniversity of California, DavisMesorhizobium and Phage Relations
ReynaDanteUniversity of Texas at El PasoOlszewskiEmilyUniversity of WashingtonElucidating Mechanisms of Fibrosis
RodriguesAnitaUniversity of British ColumbiaLaneKateUniversity of California DavisNitrogen Acquisition in Pitcher Plants
RodriguezAndresUniversity of California, Los AngelesVan DoorslaerKoenraadUniversity of ArizonaHPV18 Infection Upregulates Genes Involved in Wound Healing
RodriguezCristinaTexas State UniversityAckleyBrianUniversity of KansasRNASeq and You Shall Find The Pathogen
Rodríguez MartínezGilmarieUniversity of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez CampusHollingsworthMargaretUniversity at Buffalo, North CampusOnline Reasearch and Publication on Wikipedia
RomeroHectorUniversity of Puerto Rico at CayeyHaneyCaraUniversity of British Columbia – Vancouver CampusIsolation of Pseudomonas strains from plantain roots and comparison of their genomic islands
RosasJamesLaney CollegeTullyBenjaminUniversity of Southern CaliforniaNovel Bacteria from the East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Vents
RosasAshleySanta Monica CollegeKoskellaBrittUniversity of California at BerkeleyOccupancy-Abundance Relationships in Ecology
RussellKemuelGeorgia Institute of TechnologyWisselEmilyEmory UniversityThe Abundance and Diversity of the Maternal Gut Microbiome during Pregnancy
SinghAnjalyeUniversity of Maryland, College ParkToddPeterUniversity of MichiganThe Facts on FXTAS
SolimanOmniaNew York UniversityRouthAndrewUniversity of Texas Medical BranchNext Gen Sequencing and Primer Design for HIV and Zika Virus
StarksShirmarieHampton UniversityPepinDeannaUniversity of British ColumbiaNovel Species S24-7
Tambou NzoutchoumOliveMacalester CollegeWisselEmilyEmory UniversityThe Vaginal Microbiome During Pregnancy
TaylorKiraHampton UniversityHarrisIsaacUniversity of Rochester Medical CenterHigh-Throughput Screening Using a Unique Drug Library
TembundeMurielleUniversity of MarylandMurrayRiannaUniversity of MarylandCONSERVE Water Supply
ThakurdyalArianaCornell UniversityFeeneyMorganUniversity of StrathclydeThe Relationship Between the Evolution of RpoB and the Cas1 Type-1E CRISPR-Cas System Amongst Streptomyces Species
ThorpeShanieceNorth Carolina A&T State UniversityElfenbeinJohannaUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonNSURP end of summer report
Torres-ColonMaria A.University of Puerto Rico- HumacaoBradleyPatrick H.The Ohio UniversityIntroduction to Phylogenize
Torres-MoraKatyriaUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez CampusPrakashManuStanford UniversityPuertoRican Tichoplax (non published)
TrujilloJesusUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesKomeiliArashUniversity of California-BerkeleyA blog for everybody: magnetotactic bacteria
UraduToochiHarvard UniversityJohnsonDonnaLeeds Beckett UniversityEffect of DAM Knockout on Colistin-resistant Escherichia coli
UwakweChibuikeHarvard UniversityVidalJorgeUniversity of Mississippi Medical CenterFactors Associated with Streptococcus pneumoniae Colonization Rates
VasquezIsabellaCalifornia State Polytechnic University, PomonaOhainleMollyFred HutchMultimerization of TRIM5 and TRIM34 in HIV
VelazquezCristopherUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraLazcanoCristinaUniversity of California, DavisMicrobial Process Resulting in the Production of Nitrous Oxide in Soil
Velez-GalianoValeriaUniversity of Puerto Rico-AreciboOglesbyAmandaUniversity Of Maryland School of PharmacyEvolution of Bacterial small RNAs: Using computational tools to predict targets of the iron-responsive PrrF sRNAs in pathogenic and nonpathogenic Pseudomonads
Viana FurerRafaelMacalester CollegeMeredithLauraUniversity of ArizonaThe Land We Stand On
ViertellMichellePolytechnic University of PomonaKodnerRobinWashington State UniversityStudying Hypoxic Zones in Bellingham Bay Using 16S rRNA Amplicon Sequencing
Viteri DavilaCarolina IvonneUNIVERSIDAD DE LAS AMERICASVIDALJORGEUNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTERA Review of Streptoccocus pneumoniae macrolide resistance in Latin America
WaldronGennoahSwarthmore CollegeMattyMollyThe Salk InstituteMood and Isolation:The Impacts of Social Isolation on Mental Health During a Global Pandemic in 2020
WalkerMorganCollege of CharlestonStanishLeeNational Ecological Observatory NetworkUSING R TO OBSERVE FACTORS AFFECTING SOIL MICROBIAL BIOMASS ACROSS DISTINCT REGIONS IN THE United States
WanguiJasmineGoucher CollegeSamuelBuckBaylor College of MedicineThe developmental origins of health and disease from the perspective of the human baby microbiome
WashingtonKortniUniversity Of California, San DiegoKjellerupBirtheUniversity of Marlyand, College ParkHexavalent Chromium: A Twenty-first Century Analysis of the Socio-Political Context in Riverside County, CA
WilliamsSydneyHampton UniversityMurphyErinOhio UniversityIdentifying the Conservation and Comparisons Between the Ryf locus in the Shigella genus
WoodardMorganNorth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State UniversityBoehmEmmaIndiana University- BloomingtonHow do seed surface microbes affect germination and early seed growth
XianElvaUniversity of California, DavisLowe-PowerTiffanyUniversity of California, DavisIdentifying and Exploring Type VI Secretion System (T6SS) Auxillary Clusters in Ralstonia solanacearum
YaguesYunibaUniversity of California BerkeleyWeissmanJakeUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPredicting microbial growth rates from metagenomic data
ZikpiLeticiaUniversity at AlbanyDubrowZoëCornell UniversityComparative Genomics of Xanthomonas Campestris Isolated from Cruciferous Weed and Crop Hosts. open & download to view
ZiolaElizabethUniversity of California, IrvineSokolovNinaUniversity of California, BerkeleyNeurological Effects of Parasites and Pathogens on Bees