The NSURP BIPOC Seminar Series will be Tuesdays at 10:00 PT / 13:00 ET. Undergraduates who register, regardless of match status, will have access to the BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) Seminar Series. This series will feature science, professional development, and ethics talks given by BIPOC.

*If you need the audio transcript for any of the recordings below, we are happy to provide it; please contact us at

2022 Meetings and Seminars

[0] Introduction (6-13-22)

Welcome to NSURP 2022!

[1] Wesley Wade (6-14-22)

Wesley Wade

[2] National Microbiome Data Collaborative (6-15-22)

National Microbiome Data Collaborative

[3] KBase (6-15-22)


[4] Irene Newton (6-16-22)

Irene Newton

[5] Celina Valencia Data Science (6-17-22)

Celina Valencia

[6] Earl Lee (6-21-22)

Earl Lee

[7] Luisa Ikner (6-23-22)

Luisa Ikner

[8] Scott Prior (6-28-22)

Scott Prior

[9] Fernando Martinez (6-30-22)

Fernando Martinez

[10] Michael D. L. Johnson (7-05-22)

Michael D. L. Johnson

[11] Rebecca Pollet (7-07-22)

Rebecca Pollet

[12] Cherie Butts (7-14-22)

Cherie Butts

[13] Shawn Nordell (7-19-22)

Shawn Nordell

[14] Avery August (7-21-22)

Avery August

2021 Meetings and Seminars (Archive)

[1] Dr. Lydia Jennings (6-17-21)

“Reclaiming Mining Approaches in Southern Arizona: Considering Science and Policy Aspects that Build Resiliency”

[2] Dr. Anthony Flores (6-22-21)

“Dr. Strange-science or: How I learned to stop worrying and love streptococci”

[3] Dr. Joel Muraco (6-24-21)

“Social Media Netiquette, Branding, and Networking”

[4] Dr. Rita Tamayo (7-1-21)

“Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Clostridioides difficile

[5] Dr. Michael Johnson (7-6-21)

“How to Give a Talk”

[6] Dr. Ariangela Kozik (7-8-21)

“Fantastic Microbes and Where To Find Them”

[7] Dr. Beronda Montgomery (7-13-21)

“From Seeds of Inspiration to a Harvest of Discovery”

2020 Meetings and Seminars (Archive)

[0] Introduction (6-25-20)

Introduction and Welcome 6-25-20 (Text of Zoom Chat)

[1] Dr. Michael Johnson (6-30-20)

Three things you need for a successful scientific career

[2] Dr. Christopher Barnes (7-7-20)

“Structures of human antibodies bound to the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein”

[3] Dr. Kat Milligan-Myhre (7-14-20)

From Qikiktagruk to the halls of academia: a microbiology journey on a macro scale

[4] Dr. Floyd Wormley (7-21-20)

Induction of Protective Immunity Against Pulmonary Cryptococcosis – An /AIDS –Defining Disease

[5] Dr. Thessicar E. Antoine (7-28-20)

Oh The Places You Will Go

[6] Dr. Karmella Haynes (8-4-20)

Gene Surgery with CRISPER on Your Home Computer

[7] Rackeb Tesfaye (8-11-20)

Moving Towards Inclusive Science Communication